Friday, February 10, 2012


Welcome to my first blog post! I'm a person who is very enthusiastic about vacuums, cleaning, and other things. I’m a son of a mom who doesn't do much housework, a boyfriend of one who's slightly messy (shhhh), and I have 2 dogs, a cat, and 4 cockatiels. At the end of the day this leaves me with a mountain of things to clean. At this point, I find it therapeutic, and have learned to enjoy the finer aspects of it.
Since most of the blogs I've seen are run by females I've decided to put a male spin on this topic. I feel like vacuums are machines that are often misunderstood, and therefore are used improperly or not to their potential. I've taken up to blogging to promote cleaning, specifically vacuuming, and to document my journey through social media. Later on I'll have reviews up and instructional videos on certain topics. Let the blogging begin!

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  1. i love vacuum cleaners. i think they're amazing.
    so i got myself a robotic one that has a mind of his own.
    i love him to bits :p